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A bike courier is trapped in backbreaking work. He can't find enough time for his daughter and his career as pianist is on hold. In his pocket an app that dictates this fast pace. Don't hit. Don't fall. Don't stop.

D, 2020

Length: 16min

Director: Lukas Link

Production: Jana Gebhard, Lukas Link

Editing: Lukas Link, Annebel Ugrinsky

Cinematography: Marcos Barahona

Sounddesign: Nils Plambeck

Soundrecording: Paulina Albrecht

Barrierfree Versions: Caspar Schleicher, Siljia Korn

Translations: Sarah Kachiri

Titel and Graphics: Fabian Dornhecker

with support from BKM (Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien)

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